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    Personal Loans
    Interest Rate 18% per annum
    (without collateral)
    pinjaman cepat lulus


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    Mortgage Loans
    Collateral your hourses with interest
    1.0% per month
    fast approval and get your cash immediately


Simple steps to apply Personal loan


Easy repayment program for customer


Fast and easy loan approval

Personal loan

Personal loans are given to all employees of private sector and government workers
We provide the most appropriate loan scheme for you with flexible payment that will not burden you


Monthly interest 1.5%
Simple procedures
Approval in 1 hour
Higher loan amount
Non Guarantor
Properties Collateral
Fast processing
Longer repayment
Blacklisted eligible
Loans guaranteed

About Us - Topmacro Capital Sdn Bhd
Licensed Moneylenders Company

We are the moneylender company with license no. WL5415/14/01-7/201219 approved by the ministry of Housing & Local Government under the money lenders Act 1951

Our Vision & Mission

we will always help / provide financial advisory services to guide you.


A simple procedure, you just need to send your details to us via the website that we provided, our financial advisers we will process your application and contact you to arrange a meeting at our office, you will need to provide all the required documents during interview, please click the Apply Now button as follow

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